World Bundle PBX Plan

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£12/Month (exclusive of VAT)

Call credit worth 300mins outbound calls to list of world bundles.


£12 / Month
  • 1 X UK number Assigned (London area code)
  • Unlimited Inbound Calling /roam free on assigned DID
  • Digital Telephone services
  • Voicemail & Voicemail-to-email
  • Softphone /Desktop Phone
  • Advanced PBX services ( IVR, Call centre feature, Audio conferencing, Service flag etc)
  • DID from the rest of the world (ADD-ON) from just £2/DID per Month
  • Additional PBX extensions (ADD-ONs)
  • Free CRM from 3 extensions or ADD-ON

List of countries for call bundles:


(Landlines & Mobiles)


(Landline & Mobiles)

United States

(Landlines & Mobiles)


(Landlines & Mobiles)


(Landlines & Mobiles)

EU countries

(Landline only)

Republic of Ireland

(Landlines & Mobiles)

South Korea

(Landline & Mobiles)


(Landline & Mobiles)


(Landline & Mobiles)

  • Prices are shown in GBP with UK VAT

  • Calls between Choicecloud PBX users within same domain are free

  • All incoming calls to phone numbers bought on our website are free of charge (excluding the Toll-Free numbers)

  • We provide the highest connection quality and premium routes on all price plans

  • CallerID for outgoing calls is available on all price plans

  • Inclusive minutes are deducted from base tariff per seconds based on credit allowances

  • Calls to other countries and calls above included minutes are charged as per Standard tariff and reduces the call bundle available.

  • For any price plan, you can connect any number of virtual numbers for an additional fee

  • No emergency calling like 999/e911 etc from Choicecloud PBX, use your mobile phone in emergency.

Fair Usage Policy

Unlimited calls to UK landline numbers starting 01, 02, and standard UK mobile numbers only (excluding 070 and 076). Excludes calls to the Channel Islands, dial-up internet, indirect access, premium mobile services & all other numbers, it also excludes any Diverted Call. The maximum call time is 60 minutes per call. Service must be applied on all SIP Trunks supplied. This service must not be used in conjunction with any automated dialling services, or where outgoing traffic exceeds 75% of the entire traffic volume and mobile traffic must not account for more than 50% of the entire traffic volume. The service can be removed / modified at any time if the provider feels that the traffic profile is outside of the good intention to which the service is provided or that the continual use of the service within the current profile may place the suppliers service and or resources at risk of providing a reduced capacity service to other clients. All our international calls are routed via the Canada/USA DID at pay-as-you-go basis. Unlimited calls to North America are limited to Canada & USA48 with a maximum monthly outbound call not exceeding 1000mins per corporate account (this service can be withdrawn without notice if usage exceeds the fair usage policy). No inbound contact centre services on any of our SIP trunk provided.