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Choicecloud PBX is a CRM combined with Cloud Hosted PBX turn mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PCs and standard VOIP phones onto clients that all of your employees can use for their communication needs.


Focus on getting things done with Choicecloud PBX

Cloud PBX with no geographical boundaries- offices and staff can be anywhere in the world. Work from anywhere on any device. Remote and Homeworking Solutions with integrated CRM, project Management, time tracking and billing for freelancers, consultants and teams. Free Payroll/Human Resources portal and powerful asset management solutions. UNLIMITED CRM users included FREE!


Drive business innovations with powerful interactive voice recording (IVR) that presents corporate image and never lose any business opportunities from phone calls, web, emails and social media. All leads recorded straight in our CRM. Powerful Leads Automation included FREE.


We understand the pain points of growing businesses, most especially the SME markets that we serve the resources are limited to pay for many different software as a service. The main reason our CRM is completely FREE with unlimited users. Only pay for your PBX extensions.


We offer impressive global ticket supports from our offices from London, Lagos and Pune. Free technical support services included in our services.


We offer Powerful features

Our Cloud PBX includes over 40 features while our FREE CRM includes over 20 business modules to power any size of business from startup, Call Centre services to large corporations.

Technology Integration

Our Cloud PBX have wide range of integrations with webhooks and API access with FREE integration with our CRM and out-of-box with third party CRM.


Our PBX and CRM tools are ideal for teams of all sizes. Leverage on our PBX API integration using our CRM or build integration with any third part CRM. Our CRM is fully customizable to meet the specific line of business requirements.

Paperless Administration

The CRM is ideal for online document management with the tools to change how Your office runs, from electronic proposals, estimates and invoicing to sales conversion. The tool also includes digitally signed contract documents.


The combinations of our PBX and the CRM tools increase productivity of the workforce with full mobile access, remote and home access. We believe work is what you do from anywhere on any device and not where you go and report daily.


The CRM gives every business scorecard to measure performance like customer support issues, survey and dashboard of leads and sales funnels.

Information Accessibility

Never lose sight of your leads funnels with our CRM leads aggregation from PBX, emails, website and social media all in one dashboard with optional Kan Ban chart.

Out of Office

The PBX includes powerful out of office hours also known as service flags that gives flexible methods for handling callers who call after normal business hours with options to route the call to Night service, Voicemail or interactive voice recording (IVR).

Access Control

The CRM has full role-based access control (RBAC) feature with granular permissions to assign/limit each staff only to modules required to perform their functions.

Mobile Application

Our PBX is compatible with quite numbers of mobile SIP phone applications like Vodia PBX Apps (preferred), Zoiper App and CounterPath Apps.


Trusted by several customers worldwide